Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010 - Platelet Transfusion Today

On Wednesday June 23, 2010, Barry got a platelet transfusion. His platelet levels were down to 4 (or 4 x 10^9 per liter). Just to give you an idea, the normal platelet range is 150-400 x 10^9 per liter. Also, the results of Barry's bone marrow biopsy (third one after transplant) on June 9th showed that his MRD was at 29.3%. The MRD decreased from 29.7% (second biopsy after transplant) to 29.3% so this is okay. As long as Barry's leukemia doesn't grow, we can keep him off of chemotherapy so that he can get stronger. Then at the six month mark after transplant (October 2010), we can do another bone marrow transplant.